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Top 10 best paid iPhone apps

(Originally written for a client. Republished with permission.)

They say ‘if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone’. It’s practically magic. But if you do happen to own one, you cannot possibly refrain from getting these wonderful, amazing apps on it.

After all, apps “make the world go round”, says our Family Guy, Peter Griffin!

No wonder they form the cornerstone of any smartphone. And if you get the right ones, on a phone as beautiful and magical as iPhone, no one can stop you from getting the best of both worlds!

And although everyone yearns for apps that are free, sometimes it’s good to take a leap of faith and spend an extra few bucks to get that extra, lucid, magical satisfaction from an iPhone.

So here’s a quick glance at some of the best paid apps for iPhone. They’re totally worth your money!

For the love of photos…


Here’s to lovers of photography, photo editing, you name it, you got it!

Enlight, with its haunting colour theme (somewhere between midnight blue and a calm ocean) offers a powerful photo editing platform for everyone.

No, you don’t have to be a pro. You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to handle this.

If you love photos and want to get creative with them, this is an innovative space that allows you to play with your artistic imagination. You have all the necessary tools at your beck and call to create masterpieces when and wherever you want.

An Apple Design Award winner, Enlight is definitely one of the best paid apps for iPhone.

Furthermore, it was the app of the year in several countries – Canada, Germany, France, UK, Australia, India, Russia and China!

All you have to do is ditch using so many apps for editing your photos. And spend just a little more to get this wonderful app with customizable filters, black and white

photography, decorative touches, and whatnot.

Download it now and feel the magic. Enlight is here to enlighten you.

A haven for writers…

iA WRITER $3.99

Are you bitten by the writing bug? If you are, then iA Writer is your sanctuary.

Because it gives you one of the best digital writing experiences you’ve ever had. As The Guardian rightly comments, this app is “beautiful and simple”. It’s a svelte writing tool that only asks you to keep your hands on the keyboard and your mind into the text.

You can embed pictures and tables and create beautiful manuscripts from several different chapters. It helps you create a library with all your dear texts intact in one place.

Wondering if it improves your writing style? Of course! You get syntax control and whatnot.

From sharing on WordPress to getting beautiful templates and amazing fonts, you have it all here. The fact that it saves you energy and the effort of actually carrying a pen and paper anywhere or everywhere you go just to savour the pleasure of writing, is undeniable.

And undoubtedly this gives it a special place amongst the best paid apps for iPhone in 2017.

For the love of peace and sanity…

FOREST $1.99

‘Stay focused, be present.’ Incredible as it sounds, here’s an app to help you get some headspace- from your iPhone. Ingenious, isn’t it?

Considered amongst the top 5 productivity apps in almost 85 countries, Forest also figures in our list of best paid apps for iPhone. Because it provides you with the best possible cure for phone addiction (and possibly a sense of being eco-friendly, even if only virtually!).

So you get to plant a seed and set a timer. If you fail to resist temptation to use your phone (we know you only want to mindlessly check Facebook) Forest kills your little sapling. If you succeed, it grows into a fully grown tree.

You can turn your focused and well utilized time into a fully grown virtual forest. Wow.

It works like a positive reinforcement strategy to help you get things done, not to mention, quite interesting and fun. Not only do you utilise your time more efficiently, you also learn about how you allocate your time. Gradually, it opens up doors for more tree species.

No wonder, it featured in the “Amazing Apps” as well as “Best New Apps” category. The idea is fun, novel and interestingly ironical (you kind of use your phone to ensure you don’t use it much!).

Twinkle, Twinkle little stars….

SkyView $1.99

Ever wondered how they are? Bet you did!

Then why not pay a little more to get an amazing experience of stargazing?

But hold on…

Interestingly, you can get it for free for a while and then you buy it (which you will without a second thought) to enjoy a lifetime bonanza of starry skies and other intriguing delights that the sky has to offer.

Basically, SkyView is an augmented reality app which lets you unlock the mysteries of the sky above. You can locate different kinds of these twinkling marvels and even entire constellations! And you get all the information you need to be amazed by what the skies have in store for you.

It’s like your stairway to heaven!

Caution: you don’t need to be an astronomer. You just have to be you, with some fascination for stars, planets, satellites and other mysteries of the universe. And you get to view them on and through your iPhone. Never has the universe felt as close and alive as with SkyView.

For lovers of Creed…

Assassins Creed Identity $0.99

Ubisoft’s action packed franchise puts you right in the middle of the Italian Renaissance.

And you’re an assassin.

Through conspiracies and contracts and killer encounters, you unravel the mysteries of The Crows and solve tons of missions. This creed is here to mesmerize.

No wonder it figures amongst the best paid apps for iPhone because it’s simply thrilling! The graphics are awe-inspiring and you get to create and customise your own assassins- the outfits, weapons and so on!

The thrill is unmatched. So is the technical excellence. And amazingly, it is available in a variety of languages- Spanish, English, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, Italian and Brazilian.

Visually stunning, this app is absolutely worth your money!

Your P******d is safe…

1Password $3.99 (for individuals) & $6.99 (for families)

Creating passwords for tons of websites might be easy. But remembering them is tedious.

And more often than not, people forget half their passwords.

This unique app, (comes with a free 30-day trial) secures dozens of website logins, Wi-Fi passwords, credit card details and much more with a single ‘master password’.

It definitely becomes another jewel in the box of best paid apps for iPhone users.

What makes it most likeable is its simplicity. 1Password’s friendly user interface makes it possible for you to access tons of apps and websites with a few, quick taps.

Not only can you store your passwords here, you can change and strengthen them as and when you want. This app even featured on NBC’s Today Show: “Coolest must-have apps of 2017”!

It lets you do all in a meticulous manner, organising your data systematically. The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes- everyone has highlighted the simplicity and usage of this amazing app.

Furthermore, Macworld inducted it into its App Hall of Fame!

Let your work flow…

Workflow $2.99

An Apple Design Award Winner, this app does wonders.

It enables you to multitask to an extent that you hadn’t thought of before. There are tons of combinations through which it delivers your work.

In fact, it does over 200 actions- for contacts, music, calendars, photos, safari, and health- and so on. You can make animated GIFs, avail directions to the nearest coffee shop, and call a loved one by adding a different kind of home screen.

There’s almost plenty of things you can do- all facilitated by Workflow.

It actually compiles certain actions so that all you have to do is tap a few times to get the desired work done. Basically, it streamlines various actions so that you don’t have to flit between apps or engage in tedious manoeuvres.

Workflow smoothens everything for you.

For the love of recording…

Ferrite Recording Studio $9.99

This one goes a step ahead of your daily, normal voice memos.

With a versatile multi-track editing studio, it offers you an experience that’s definitely worth the money! Podcasts, interviews, hour-long sessions of some service you wish to deliver- Ferrite lets you do everything.

The best part is that it allows you to take a free initial trial. Once you’ve taken it, you buy it (and you will want to buy it).

One of the best app for iPhone, it comes with a number of professional effects.

Editing your audios is a simple, hassle-free process. It even lets you bookmark some bits of your recordings to refer to or check upon later. And you can fearlessly try changes with its easy to use ‘undo/redo’ options.

With Ferrite, you get to make your audios cleaner and more engaging- all with elegant ease.

For the love of fitness…

Streaks Workout $2.99

Wondering where to get a personal trainer? This is your first and most efficient stop.

It comes with zero restraints. You just have to pay once and you can exercise anywhere. At park or at home, you can have your own personal trainer. You don’t even need equipment. Probably a few minutes and a good, clean floor.

Furthermore, it lets you customise your workouts, so you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do. This is precisely why its tailor made for everyone. Anyone can choose the sets of exercises they want to do which cuts off any age or ability related barriers.

Why it is worth to invest in this app is pretty clear. It targets what we need to treasure the most- our health. The design is attractive and the app is easy to use. By keeping track of all your workouts, it frees your mind of organising everything you’ve done.

For managers and managing…

HotSchedules $2.99

This one’s for managers, to ease their task of scheduling and communicating with their teams.

For team members, it’s worth the money since it allows them to switch or release or pick-up shifts with just a humble click. Why this app shouldn’t be included in the list of the best paid apps for iPhone is therefore, no surprise!

It helps you manage and achieve a work-life balance that you never experienced before. It gets you all notifications, calendar updates, swaps and cancel requests. Furthermore, it keeps you connected with broadcast and helps develop a productive and enriching team culture. This app is totally worth the money!

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