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Copywriting Comparison Tool

Do you often find yourselves with not just multiple versions of pieces, but multiple versions of each line in something like an email, article, or landing page?

I'm envisioning an app that lets you input/import multiple lines of copy, with multiple versions of each line in separate columns. Each line is on a sliding piece of UI, so you can scroll and choose one version of each line to see how they look together. And then swap out whichever lines you don't think fit in.

Something that provides an easy way to compare and swap out different phrases.

In a way, it would let you easily test each element of your copy on yourself.


This is a basic prototype to see if people find it useful. The design/UI/UX is simple. I'll develop this again from scratch later on.

Here's some sample text that you can copy and paste into the tool to see how it's meant to be used - 

I know what you're thinking.../You must be thinking to yourself right now...
What is this tool and why should I care?/"Copy Comparison"? There's now way that can help me/I don't understand what this is
I understand your hesitation, but hear me out/I know what you mean, but just give me a chance to explain/Here's what you need to know
Have you ever struggled to get the right "flow" in your copy/Let's say you're writing an email, and you're stuck/I'm sure you've been in a situation where you've had to choose between countless versions of your copy
You've done your research, you know what the target audience looks like, but you're stuck at the next step - the actual writing part
We copywriters are "artists", you know?/I'm sure we can both agree that copywriting is an artform
As artists, it's difficult for us to choose between different versions of our art/As artists, we can get stuck comparing versions of our art for ages
And it's even tougher for us, because we can swap out versions of each and every line/And it's even harder for us, because we have versions of not just each piece, but each line
That's where this tool comes in/And that's why you need the "Copy Comparison Tool"
Simply separate your sentences with line breaks, and each version of each sentece with a forward slash. And hit compare.
Then, you can scroll through each version of each line, and choose the best combination.
Find the definitive version that YOU have the most faith in
What are you waiting for? Hit "Compare" and try it out right now! 

If you have thoughts, feedback, feature requests, or questions, please reach out to me at

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