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Results-focused Content Marketing and Promotion Strategy for Technology, Software, Education, and Digital Marketing businesses.

Less content, better results, more conversions.

We remove the risk and hassle from Content Marketing

Are you tired of throwing up content on your blog week after week and seeing no results?

Relying on SEO and Google to bring you customers is the old, slow, and unreliable way of doing things.

We have a better, proven way of getting results through Content Marketing and Promotion Strategy.

First, we find out everything there is to know about your audience. We find the right types of content to attract them.

We use our combination of keystone content and compounding content to remove the guesswork from content marketing for you.

We add content upgrades to each published piece so that more views convert to leads.

Lastly, our multi-step promotion strategy helps us put in the legwork to get things moving.

The result? You grow as an authority in your field and consistently gain new leads.

Take back control - get results from the first piece that we publish for you.

Contact us to find out how.

We work with -

  • Technology businesses - Software, Software as a Service (SaaS), B2B businesses, Engineering businesses, Games businesses.

  • Education businesses - Higher Education Institutes, Education businesses, Schools.

  • Digital Marketing Agencies, Content Marketers, and Copywriters.

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Curious about our name? It comes from the Greek God Dionysus. The word "Dyonisian" is inspired by the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche - it relates to our appreciation for art born of emotion and instinct.



Strategy, Promotion, and Games

Divij has worked as a Game Developer for 2 years, and has experience working with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. He has lived and worked in Scotland, Singapore, and India. He prides himself on his ability to break apart complex topics and ideas and explain them concisely.



Content Writing and Strategy Execution

Mahi has been writing all her life, and has worked in Content Marketing and News. She has a passion for language - her qualifications include a B1 certification in Spanish. She excels at writing content that helps businesses connect with their customers and other businesses.

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- Jason How, Managing Director, Agency J

"It was a pleasure working with Divij and Mahi. Throughout our engagement, Divij stayed on top of communication and made sure we were kept informed of the progress every step of the way. He also makes very sound suggestions and demonstrates an open mind to take into account our concerns. If you want a reliable partner whom you can work with for the long term to get your articles produced, I would recommend talking to Divij and Mahi."


We worked with Jason to write a key piece of content in the form of an article for a top private Education Institute in Singapore. The article addresses an important concern shared by many prospects of the Institute.


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As an exercise in Content and Promotion strategy, Divij leveraged his experience to write a highly valuable piece of keystone content aimed at Game Developers.

Through the use of content marketing and promotion strategy, he got 3000 views, 30 likes, and a few shares in 1 day (Without a large pre-existing audience, paid ads, or email list).


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The full package. We'll get you 500 new views and some leads from the first post - and aim higher with every subsequent post.

  • Customer research and profiles

  • Content strategy and writing

  • Content upgrades for lead conversion

  • Promotion strategy

  • Fully scalable


We'll help you get started with your first strategic piece of content. 

You can expect some results from the first piece - at least 500 new views and some leads.

If the results are good, we're happy to keep going.


We'll apply our Content and Promotion strategy to your business. 

We'll provide all the plans you need for a year's worth of content.

If you want to do the work yourself and all you need is the roadmap, we've got your back.

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We would love to work with you. Please leave us a short note about your requirements and we promise to get back to you immediately.

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